Blockade Hell

Blockade Hell

Blockade HellWant to become a hero? Then block these monsters before they enter your territory!


  1. continuously i used to read smaller articles that as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am reading at this place.

  2. Pokey 3 months ago

    No more s***. All posts of this qutlaiy from now on

  3. Yo también… sí, sí, yo también utilicé el calendario para programar el día. Claro está, con resultados desastrosos y aumentando mi stress conforme pasaba la semana y las tareas programadas se acumulaban el viernes. Esto me hacía sentirme culpable y realizar parte de las tareas en mi tiempo de descanso… :(Ahora las gestiono mediante la lista de tareas de Outlook (donde incluso pongo recordatorios) dejando el calendario unicamente para cumplir con su cometido (agendar reuniones, programar viajes, recordar aniversarios,…)No hay nada como utilizar cada herramienta para lo que está diseñada ;-)

  4. Dan,Thank you for your transparency. Your love for Jesus is evident. What a legacy your Dad has left and you too are leaving legacy in thousands of lives (including mine!).Praying for you and your family.with Christ’s love,Keith

  5. Very true, Raj. I like this type of link the most as they are like what you said, are what search engines look for when they rank web pages. Come, give me more organic links.

  6. u need to str8 out ask her if u like me or in a funny try sayin something like ur on my list or something and it she reply in a mean way then say iam crossin u off my list then if she look hurt then u will no

  7. Por fin enerito se ha dado cuenta de que este texto es incompatible con el de hace unos días (polvo en la memoria). En realidad, éste es mucho más antiguo que aquél, pero ni yo sé cuál prevalece.

  8. We have those shelves in a bigger unit. Be careful moving them a lot as they start to get loose. We learnt that the hard way… Room looks great though. I can't wait to do up my craft corner.

  9. Mr. Burrus,I just learned of the loss of your most precious daughter and offer you and your family my deepest condolences. May God Bless You

  10. Rommel – Interesting nickname. I can’t blame the Estonians for despising the Soviets. But as the link in my last post indicates, they have a ways to go as far as coming to terms with Nazism.

  11. I especially hate giving up the parks! In the UK, whites are fleeing to expensive, ugly ‘exurban’ estates of boxy houses where the developers have neglected to build parks or any other facilities.

  12. Anonymous,I appreciate your honesty.I too get tired of all the phony moral posturing and finger wagging.Tiger Woods has a giant media microscope on him 24/7.How many of us could pass the scrutiny test?I damn sure couldn't.

  13. Il faut savoir, l’intervention à laquelle je répondais initialement était « L’ecstasy a sûrement des effets bénéfiques… ». Mais si vous admettez qu’elle n’en a pas, plus de soucis!

  14. Faktum är att det var Pyssel som levererade, den i texten nämnda, dabb-kommentaren. Risken är dock överhängande att Johns inflytande på den många år yngre Pyssel är större än någon av oss vågat tro.

  15. I will echo Terry’s sentiments. I lived there for 3 years of college, and stopped seeing it like you just did. I will say that I got a glimpse of it while I was showing some newcomers around. It’s like having your eyes opened after a long sleep.Thanks for this beautiful post.

  16. I dunno, Mwalimu. The exit polls from SC sem to indicate that Clinton is in trouble. Caroline Kennedy has just published an endorsement of Obama in the New York Times comparing him to her father. I think a tide is beginning to set.

  17. It would be really nice to see more project configuration options. Particularly in controlling output. I see object files are all put in the same place, regardless of configuration. Executables are placed in bin/Configuration. All of this is hardcoded, it seems. If I put -of as an option on the link step, it’s ignored.At a minimum, object file output location and executable/library output location should be configurable as project options.

  18. A panqueca realmente sacia bastante.Hoje de manhã fiz pela segunda vez e como na primeira achei um pouco dificil espalhar, coloquei um pouquinho de leite desnatado na massa.E não coloquei toda a massa de uma vez só na frigideira, dividi em 02 vezes, pq gosto da panqueca mais fininha. Tb bem né Carol???bjsss

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  21. Is it remotely possible for all of you very smart intellectual people– to stop squabbling and pissing over words and the way they are used in your posts? The real questions is what to WE (USA) do now?

  22. Adoro la leche en todas sus variantes, queso, yogurt, cuajadas, etc. pero este bizcocho si me como un trozo sería como una feliz niña.Un abrazo.

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  25. Me again. Well, you know that many people enjoy this meme and we have all saved many benches.I see I didn't finish the last sentence in my previous comment! I think it's old age playing up!

  26. · I love that you bring a bunch of snacks for the plane — my boyfriend always thinks I’m off my rocker for doing the same thing. But flying makes one hungry, you know?And while the gingersnaps they used to serve hit the spot, I imagine these Martha ones are even better.

  27. wow Ashley, first off, your page is so cute, I love Halloween pages too, second, congrats on your new role! this is exciting, can't wait to see what you come up with, I know it'll be good :)

  28. This D is getting run over at will. Something has to be done or Minter and Turner won’t survive this season. The offense struggled early but still managed to take the lead in OT but it doesn’t matter because the D can’t stop a run when needed. How on earth did Neloms miss that tackle? SMH

  29. Not would be correct. Bambi is being fed a steady diet of ‘you are wonderful’, and after the gifts that have been handed to him throughout his life, he thinks he can do no wrong.

  30. Why o why do Americans keep re-electing (or re-appointing) buffoons like Kerry and H. Clinton? Oh, yeah: they are our best and brightest, grads of our finest schools, career servants of the people, etc. They are representative of the majority of American academics, voters, and people. The crown of creation of American civilization.

  31. The on about the pain was very interesting. I tried it since I have a painful cut next to my thumb. To my surprise it really did lower the amount of pain I felt. I also want to try out the rubber hand but I don’t have a rubber hand to experiment with, but by far that one looks like it will feel incredibly weird.

  32. The new watch page sucks.Take a look at "OnisionArchive's Dear YouTube: About the New Video Page" video to find out why. My main peeve is that I am being forced to adopt a inferior design. Of course, I also think that the buttons are all way too uniform and all that, but OnisionArchive does a much better job of stating why this new watch page sucks.

  33. Camera or chip? When’s the last time you reformatted the chip?Also, what kind of frame-burst are you doing? Looks like the chip might not be writing fast enough

  34. Obama’s team will respond to Tuesday’s results by going negative on Clinton — raising questions about her tax records and the source of donations to the Clinton presidential library, among skeletons in the Clintons’ past.Now we’re talking!

  35. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Happy Anniversary and I hope you have a great time in India, I'm sure you'll have great photos to share and I'll be here to look at them!xx

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  38. You’re not the only one. It concerns me that the Church could be seduced by such off the wall teaching. G-d has created us for a lot more than what is articulated in Debbi Pearl’s book.DB

  39. I think the WordPress support people think I am loony. I sent them a link this post and told them to read the comments so they can see I am not making this up.Thanks, Karen, I sent them that bit of information today.

  40. No doubt this cookbook is fairly expensive. It's a keeper if you a big fan of Thai street food. The atmosphere of street scenes are beautifully captured. Don't expect any fancy recipes in it, they are all down to earth authentic Thai hawker food. Every recipe is accompanied by a brief introduction of the dish and how it's served on the street of Thailand. Recipes are well written and very detailed.

  41. I am disliking this video because it looks like some sort of advertisement to me to give your data away, it usually starts like this, something comes as a nice service at this time and somewhere in the future everyone is required by law to use it so that the government can make sure you’re not doing anything ”wrong”. This is also why I dislike the Intel anti-theft technology, it’s going to be used as government killswitch eventually. Those who trade privacy for? security shouldn’t deserve both.

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  44. There’s so much to absorb here. This interview should be read several times. Something that stuck out for me was :Q: Do you have a favorite photograph that you’ve shot?A: My favorite shot is the one I haven’t taken yet.

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  46. wait, Le Crueset makes a goose pan??!!! THAT is the best weapon of all! I’m going to put one on my xmas list since we are having goose for Christmas! It’s probably a good bullet proof shield as well!

  47. OK, I can’t stand it, I’m going and buying an oven tonight! Sounds like convection is the way to go. Thanks for the reviews. I can’t wait to play. Oh and Brenda, I actually prefer Wire Dive, hehehe. Cindy, how do I have the blog sent to email. I miss posts in my reader and would rather have them email.Thanks,Lois

  48. There are many bloggers with blogging is their Passion. But Now a days many are blogging for money. What ever you blog for passion or money, but work hard on your blog money automatically comes to you.

  49.         "That would be pretty scandalous…"Quaere though:How do you suppose FoxNews intends to jump General Petraeus, long held hero among the Hannibaugh listeners, and pin this on Obama without going through Petraeus?

  50. impressionnant,les chiffres sur nos députés et nos sénateurs,pourquoi autant????surtout si c’est pour dormir a l’assemblée ou au sénat ,au prorata cela en fait pas mal a se tourner les pouces…pays d’insouciance.. surtout pour les politiques

  51. This looks really good. Your photos are spectacular! Do you think if the time was cut back, the meat would be tender? I have had this happen to me before. There are just certain cuts that don't do well. I love its "set it and leave it functionality" too… I am making beef stew in it today. Beef stew always (for me) seems to turn out right. I am not sure why. I hardly ever cook things on high. Slow and steady is the way to go in the crockpot. Thank you for this recipe. As always, I just love your blog!

  52. kamichan, never give up D: WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT MY JOHNNYS FANDOM NOW. I CAN NEVER LOOK AT SEXY ZONE AND JUMP AGAIN WITHOUT THINKING OF MY LOSS OF YOU. please get better kamichan \\: we’ll miss you.All this shit is really the worse. I’m seriously sad right now..

  53. All agreed. The irony in the Venezuela vs. Cuba thing is that in Venezuela not everyone is poor, so the existing inequality (however better than anywhere else) is worsening with the oil taxation. They are shooting themselves in the feet. As to the spending, that too, no discussion there; I was just pointing out to Gustavo that the chunk of oil money to which he was not making reference.

  54. admirable el grado de amistad y cordialidad con que se intercambian opiniones, en todas partes personas y grupos se van uniendo en torno a un sentimiento o un pensamiento el gusto por la ciencia, creo que lo que va a suceder es la unión de la ciencia con la parte espiritual del hombre o al servicio de la sociedad y la justicia, lamentablemente esto causara mucho sufrimiento conforme se acerque el día. y por cierto los crop son muy bonitos y complejos hay que agradecer a los que lo realizaron pues nos deleitamos en ellos, saludos y gracias.

  55. Great review and I completely agree that the HON novels are better than other books like it, i.e. Twilight. I found the teenagers in the first book much more believable and real than those in the aforementioned book.

  56. question : les milliards qui ont été, qui sont et seront injectés pour sauver les banques… viennent d’où ?pas assez d’argent pour construire des logement sociaux, mais on peut sauver les banques, ouf

  57. I am sure there is a famous quote/saying about fear trapping you, just can’t remember it. Or am I just thinking about Batman Begins? Fear is a difficult “monster” as it comes in many guises and remains hidden most the time. I am a big believer in that everything you do is a “choice” (you may not like the choices necessarily), and a lot of the time “fear” (either known or unknown) will drive this choice. Thanks for sharing, and will read tomorrows post for sure.

  58. Your packing how to's have been such an eye opener – will make my next trip so much easier. I hate packing and am terrible at it, always leave it to the last minute, and often bring things I never use. Thanks for all your handy hints!

  59. RAW + L means you’re saving 2 copies of the photo to the camera: One in RAW and one in L. It takes up more space, but can be useful if you’re not sure how you’ll want to edit it. But if you’re using those editors, you might want to switch to just L for now since it will save a lot of memory space.

  60. DiaMar nici ai mei nu erau incantati de gustul iute si intepator al ghimbirului, dar asa sub forma de sirop, toti il servim cu placere in ceaiuri sau limonade, este excelent!pupici

  61. I like Sanjeev ji very much. He gave me sumthing which I enjoy to do. I m very thankful to him. He had helped to grow my knowledge. Wht to say abt compositions…They r very good..But I will make better n the best toooooooooo

  62. me encanta !!! anduve con esa pregunta : cuantas vidas caben en una vida ?y por coincidencia encontré esto. hermosisimas preguntas que vuelven a despertar. Muchas Gracias !

  63. RE: 85,86 KipHi Kip! I had wanted to thank you for:797] Much of what I have been thinking and feeling during the unfolding of this tragedy you have expressed very well. . Your passionate and caring nature comes through loud and clear. I am reminded of James. Thanks Lisa.Comment by Kip | December 16, 2006 I was wondering if you knew James directly or indirectly?Of course it’s up to you whether you want to say anythingabout that or not. I was just curious.Mostly, I had wanted to thank you, and then I didn’t know if you were still reading.

  64. Ok, who is this Kambiz Kamrani character??? Dude, if you’re annoyed by the questions on this site, then DON’T READ OR ANSWER THE QUESTIONS! No one cares about your smart a** comments. Knock the chip off of your shoulder and get a life!

  65. Oh and hey if you have someone with bee allergies you can always do mason bees, they don’t sting. No honey but GREAT pollinators.Current score: 0 (Please enable JavaScript to vote.)


  67. Paolo che ne pensi del lavoro di Mazzucco sul 9/11? Credo sia il lavoro meglio fatto dalla compagine italiana, anni luce dalla mediocrità delle trasmissioni televisive sull’argomento degli ultimi tempi.Mi raccomando non ti grattare , purtroppo le guide attivissime non hanno effetto su una banale varicella!Buona guarigioneStefano

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  69. trés bien expliquéj’ai eu des comportements à risquej’ai lu mais je me retrouve dans un seul symptoteje suis enrhumé et j’ai une toux sèchemais j’ai fais mon test et je prends mon résultat lundije suis morte de trouille :(

  70. She is good. Very good.Yep, it was a good speech and an impressive performance. But as someone pointed out on radio today, when she is in the debates and talking to the press, there will be no autocue and Palin need to think on her feet.

  71. Omen · mercoledì, 7 novembre 2012, 3:26 pmpare che il PD stia facendo di tutto, coadiuvato da Azzurro, Cicoria e tutti gli altri, per non andare ancora al Governo.Ti confondi con Grillo, bergamasca…Sei troppo intelligente per non fingerti scemaOrdunque, riposati, non è bello vederti barcollante…

  72. C’est vrai. En même temps pour être juste c’est difficile d’imaginer un tableau difficile pour Nadal à Roland Garros. C’est pas parce que Sod nous a fait le coup l’année dernière avec un Nadal diminué (qui s’arrête deux mois derrière), que le Suédois est subitement devenu sa bête noire sur terre.

  73. Bob,What a great read and I am so glad to have found your site. I will visit again.For me, working as I do internationally, it is fascinating to consider and recognize that these distinctions seem to transcend individual cultures. What you have distilled here is as relevant in Sri Lanka as it is in Viet Nam or in the USA.I am re-inspired and am busy reflecting on my own need to lead more in a management driven culture.J

  74. Greyson,I wish there wasn’t any need for “civic involvement,” at least in term of supplying the basics of life. In my vision of a just society, folks wouldn’t have to depend on the immediate kindness of others for sustenance. We should do that collectively, as a civilized people running a civilized government.Duane

  75. så trist !! man føler det litt nærmere på livet når man selv har vært der !jeg er hysterisk når det gjelder gass.. vi holdt på å blåse til himmels da ventilene på 2 gassflasker sprakk i varmen da vi lå ved Gardasjøen i 2005.. og der sto gubben med røyk i kjeften og skulle åpne gassluka.. håper du får en trivelig kveld..

  76. Si t’as besoin de « bien manoeuvrer » et « ouvrir la machine » pour intéresser quelqu’un c’est que t’es simplement pas intéressant(e) ou que la personne à qui tu t’intéresses doit te voir sauter à gauche et à droite comme une bête de cirque pour combler son manque d’attirance fondamental.Pas une base très solide selon moi.

  77. Oh, yum! Those look SO good! I love the green frosting. :) On your post on the mint cookies, one of your comments mentioned the movie about the Grinch! And I agree! Wouldn't it be fun to serve these kind of treats while watching that movie? Serving a green treat would be just perfect with the Grinch movie, I think! :) How are you doing this last week before Christmas? I hope you are having a fun Saturday so far!Blessings,Jenni{Beautiful Nest}

  78. Les Californiens ont-ils offert, aux paysans chinois, des tickets pour voir le spectacle de la cérémonie d’ouverture? Ce serait fair-play (comme l’olympisme) ce petit cadeau à ceux qui, par l’intermédiaire des bons du trésor Américain, leur permettent de financer leur retraite?… Ah non, le Schwarzyland n’y a pas pensé?… Bouh, les vilains tout moches pas beaux!!!Bah, tant pis, l’économie des décennies à venir le leur fera payer…

  79. hiya im a new follower:)i just love your blog!this look is faband you have accessorised perfectly with the bling jewellery and lovely bright lippie!wish i could pull that off as wellbelle

  80. I haven’t heard of Zaytun. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to check it out sometime when I’m passing through Wichita. (All you really had to say was “hummus,” and I’m there! )I love Middle Eastern rice puddings (I’m ok with creamy desserts, hehe), so I bet that rosewater one is delectable. It’d take some tweaking to make it vegan, but I love that it’s date-sweetened! It may not be my Holy Grail Brownie (haha! That’s totally what I’m going to call them when I finally discover/create what I’m looking for!), but it still sounds mighty delicious to me.

  81. Oh goodness. Your finishes put me to shame and I haven't even had to deal with new carpet. Those owls for your son make me smile. Looks like you have some fantastic kits to keep you busy in the coming year.

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  85. Lynn, As far as the public relations campaign; it is a grasping effort to obtain some sense of normalcy and acceptance while Jane and her crew attempt to rationalize very unnormal doctrines, practices and behaviors. It is truly a see-through band-aid on a cancer. Who is fooled? Only those who refuse to or are not allowed to know the entire scope of Jane’s “body of work”. When the entire picture is viewed, the conclusions are clear. Many people have been hurt by being involved with that group.John

  86. 10cרעיון אדיר!!מה קורה בחודשי הקיץ? במיוחד בבאר שבע,אתה ממלא את המיכל התחתון פעם אחת ופשוט נותן לצמח לרוץ ככה במשך חצי שנה בלי תוספת השקייה?21

  87. Hi DT first I was amazed to have won last weeks challenge but highly delighted too. Great challenge again this week and such great creations love Arlinex

  88. scria undeva…“I don’t trust non-smokers. They have nothing tragic”…Iar asta a constituit un motiv suficient de bun pentru mine să îmi cumpăr un mascara nou. o altă extensie

  89. Hi Katie. We used Miller Paint’s Pekoe Tea 7673M, but I believe it has been discontinued. It may still be available through Duron, or you could contact a Miller Paint store and ask them to look up the recipe for you.

  90. In general, I think Matthias has it right.People spew invective that they believe to be a sore issue for the person being insulted.Someone who is terribly afraid of gaining weight will be called a pig regardless of the persons actual weight.Put a simpler way, there is no worse insult to the anorexic than to call them fat.That isn’t sexism/weightism/ whateverism, it’s just knife twisting.

  91. Yes, solid slabs are very durable as far as I have heard. The thicker the better. I love the milky aqua ones. I’m dying to use one with lighting installed underneath…powder room or restaurant or something! The biggest worry is the infrastructure to support the weight, and if the slab is see-through, then the frame/trusses have to look cool too.But, yes, the little chips of glass embedded into an epoxy base is the material that gave my clients such trouble…still can’t come up with the name of it…sorry.

  92. I have not checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are really good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend.

  93. Twice-Baked Potatoes, Steamed Veggies, Fruit Keilbasa/Potatoes/Carrots/Onions in the Crockpot, Soft 100% Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls, fruit salad Dinner with friends Dinner with extended

  94. Yep!!! Je suis Géraldine, Dod, jeune femme de 30 ans (bricoleuse, couturière, architecte d’intérieur, et tellement plus encore!)Je suis surtout depuis 7 mois, l’heureuse maman de Rose. Je suis Lait Fraise depuis le début, découvert via, différents blogs (Emilie sans chichi, La malle aux trésors,… et Minireyve évidemment!)Déjà fan fb… Merci pour ce beau concours!

  95. They need an American (or at least MLS-knowledgeable) coach with enough experience and and big enough personality to control the locker room and stand up to the front office. Way too much division/dissension on this team.

  96. age is 24 .. not that it helps really . However , on a lot of things i think like a kid and i like to keep it like that .Thank god ! i didnt write on veyi padagalu .. i think i will be burnt alive by some of the folks here .

  97. Happy very belated St. Joseph’s Day greetings! What a great example and patron we have… Thank you for sharing…this is my first visit to your site..I look forward to many happy returns!

  98. Que bueno Julie!!!Me alegra MUCHÍSIMO!!! Es el mejor consejo!!! A mi me decían constantemente que le diera complemento a Tomy y me negué fue la mejor decisión, costó pero seguimos con la teta hasta el añito, que solito se destetó. Es una experiencia HERMOSA!!! Única!!!Besitos y muy lindo mensaje!!!**Dama Nilo**

  99. Inspired!!Though, I would have loved to see Professor X remain bald. She would be one of the cool and chic women who wear big, elaborate earrings and head-scarves.Minor problem though, Marvel Boy’s X should include the pants instead of being a full X on the top and then (what I assume to be) two side Xs on the pants.

  100. Thank you for such a neat contest, I hope I win, LOL! I’ve got the logo on my site. I will be spending the day baking cookies, pies, zucchini appetizers and bread for stuffing. I am also making aprons for the women in my family–I’m going to give my brother and SIL one for Thanksgiving since they are hosting this year! Oh, my mother found my grandmothers aprons this past week and she’s giving them to me tomorrow! I’m SO excited!!Blessings to you!Leslie:-)

  101. You’re so awesome! I don’t think I’ve truly read through a single thing like this before. So great to find someone with a few original thoughts on this subject matter. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

  102. These are wonderful images! Wow.Thank you for stopping by my space. I love meeting new folk out in Blog Land. Do stop by again!I’m going to browse through your archives for a bit…

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  104. to me today that she feels as if Jackie were "thrown under the truck"! As a psychologist myself I know how helpful this group and especially Jackie have been to my own weight-loss (over 60 Lbs.). She literally is "own my team" as one of my supporters through life. I know that these decisions are not yours, but I needed to share my feelings with one who knows WW and its policies. Thank you for reading this long post.Sincerely, Sally Carr

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