A Place of Love and Faith: Who are Olive Tree Study Support?



Olive Tree Study Support is growing mash’Allah!

Our weekend school has recently opened up another branch in St. Matthias School, Bethnal Green, allowing us to serve the communities in four different locations across London.

To celebrate the opening of this new weekend school, we will looking back on the underlying principles upon which our schools began; and what we endeavour to teach and nurture within the minds and hearts of our students.

Our Story

Tahera Akter, the founder of Olive Tree Study Support and mother of four, had ambitions of starting an Islamic weekend supplementary school. A school that encouraged fun and creative forms of learning, that was free from political or ideological bias; whilst fundamentally nurturing faith, and love for Allah (SWT), the Quran, and the Prophet (SAW). Tahera and her team, believe that children are a blessing and a trust from Allah (SWT), and it is our responsibility to educate them about Islam in the best possible manner; with love, creativity and respect. That is why the Olive Tree Study Support weekend school was started.

Our Curriculum

The teachings within the school’s curriculum focus on students developing spiritually, establishing upright moral character, all built upon the foundations of Quranic teachings.

The curriculum is split into four parts:

1. Quran

The focus of Quranic teaching is on correct recitation (Tajweed) and Memorisation (Hifz). Students are continually assessed and given all the support they need to progress.

 2. Islamic Studies

Islamic studies is taught primarily through constructive play, hands-on activities, singing nasheeds, listening to stories, allowing children to learn in a fun and creative environment.

 3. Arabic

This aim of our Arabic programme is that students will be able to speak Arabic fluently and proficiently, giving them the opportunity to access sacred knowledge in later life insha’Allah.

  4. Citizenship

Students are encouraged to contribute positively to their communities and become good citizens of the United Kingdom

Our Team

In addition to the headmaster, Tahera Akther, we have a large team of highly qualified teachers who have all been raised in the U.K. and have the necessary Ijaza in their specialised subjects.

Class sizes are kept small, at no more than ten students per teacher, to enable a highly effective learning experience for our students.

The hard work and expertise of our team was recognised in the most recent OFSTED (2016) report, which found our schools to be “Good to Outstanding”!

Our Future

The incredible success of Olive Tree Student Support has come from Allah (SWT) and we are most humbly and sincerely grateful for the opportunity we have to serve the Muslims in London.

We recently released a CD of Tajweed Nasheeds that teaches children the rules of Tajweed through songs and rhymes. It has been a huge success Alhumdulillah!

If you would like to enrol your child into one of our weekend school, or if you would like more information, please CLICK HERE.


Do you have any ideas of how you would like to see Olive Tree study Support grow and improve further?

Do your children already attend? What changes have you seen in them since they began our weekend programme?

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