Helping Children Prepare for the New Academic Year at School

Kids who are starting school for the first time or moving to a new school have to

cope with a huge adjustment, but even moving up a year means facing more academic demands, a new teacher and a new classroom environment.

The good news is that a little bit of preparation and forethought can make those first weeks of school easier for your kids and also for yourself.

1.Help your child connect with their new teacher

Children need to feel connected to their new teacher to feel more comfortable and be happy in their classroom. Teachers are aware of this and they do many activities to get to know their pupils. If you cannot arrange for your child to meet their teacher before the academic year, there are many ways to help your child feel as though he knows his teacher. For example you can talk about how Mrs Edwards will be really proud of him, or how she will love his neat writing.

If you notice in the first few weeks of your child starting school that they haven’t connected with their teacher in anyway, then have a quick word with the teacher explaining how you feel your child may not have settled in. Just making teachers aware of small things like this can make a massive difference, we need to keep in mind that the teacher is dealing with 20-25 children on a every day basis and may not notice subtle things about your child.

2.Get your children bedtime routine back

Most children’s sleeping routine gets slightly messed up over the summer holiday period. Children need 9.5 to 11 hours of sleep, depending on their age. Getting your children back in a routine where they are fast asleep by 9:00pm and up for 7am takes a few weeks to get used to. Trying to impose an early bedtime all of a sudden will only increase your child’s anxiety and will not be helpful when it comes to new year/school transition.


3.Get your child back in to learning mode

The summer holidays are a beautiful time to spend time with family, to play, get outdoors and have fun, all these things are really important for a child wellbeing. As the summer holidays progress sometimes it’s not always possible to focus on academic studies and children can forget a lot things they have learnt.

As the new academic year approaches engage with your children by reading to them, listening to them read, practicing maths and comprehension exercises with them. Tell them to write about the summer holidays and what they enjoyed most. Getting them used to being in the studying mode will be so useful in helping them settle in to school when it starts.

4.Get them excited about the new school year

Talk to your children about school, about their friends, about things that they will enjoy at school. Make an effort to talk about your own time at school and what things you used to like and how you miss certain things about it.

Take your children to buy new stationary for school or a new school bag. Just talking about the start of school and associating happy feelings with it will help your child settle in much more easily.

We hope your children enjoy the start of the new school year and settle in swiftly Insha’Allah.