How to gain the most benefit from this Ramadan


Another month of Ramadan has come upon us, filled with blessing and peace for our aching hearts.
How blessed are we to see another Ramadan! So so many of our brothers and sisters have departed from this world before reaching this month, they would have done anything to be able to get another Ramadan and earn Allahs pleasure.
Ramadan is a month in which Allah سبحانه و تعالى sends down his mercy, it is by this mercy that we have the strength, resilience and motivation to fast, abstaining from food on long hot days and then standing in prayer at night. It would not have been easy for us if it was not for Allahs mercy and Him making it possible for us. Allah through his infinite mercy and compassion wants good for us, He wants us to reap many rewards in this blessed, He wants us to change our lives and be closer to Him.
Unfortunately every year this blessed month comes and swiftly leaves and as the final days come it dawns upon us that we never did enough, we never changed our ways, our hearts ache in regret. It is a great loss on our part if the month of Ramadan does not change us in anyway or leave us better than we were before it’s blessed arrival.
Lets looks at a few ways in which we can try to make the most of this Ramadan insha’Allah
1. Eat and drink moderately
Almost all of us have done this during Ramadan, we eat so much that we are uncomfortable and unable to move. Not only is this incredibly bad for our health but it also means that we will find it difficult to pray or carry out other acts, such as reciting Quran with full concentration.
It is better to eat less as the prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ had advised, we should fill our stomach one third with food, one third with water and leave one third empty. Eat a light healthy meal at iftaar that has better nutritional value rather than unhealthy fried food.
quran-618158_19202.Recite Quran daily
Make a habit to recite Quran every single day in Ramadan, there is a theory that if you perform a certain act consistently for 21 or more days it becomes a habit, resolve to make Ramadan a time in which you will make good habits.
The prophet ‎ﷺ taught us that it is better to do small acts that are consistent, so even if you just read Quran for five minutes every single day it is better than reciting for hours on just one day. It is very easy to feel extremely motivated earlier on in Ramadan and then to loose the zeal as the weeks go on. Remember we want to carry our new habits on even after Ramadan.
3. Fasting in not just about abstaining from food and drink
This Ramadan lets try to fast in every way possible, Allah does not need our fasts if we do not make an effort to change our conduct or way of thinking. We must take care to not say bad things about people, not use foul language, try not to get angry and never backbite while fasting. Insha’Allah if we learn to control ourselves in Ramadan, we will find it easier to do afterwards too. Remember fasting as a whole is an act of worship, during which we must be careful to abstain from all bad and reprehensible acts. May Allah guide us all.
Try to limit watching television, using social media or having really long telephone conversations that waste your time. If you find it really difficult to avoid, then replace your usual television with Islamic talks. Try to read books on the prophet’s ﷺ life, learn new Hadith and read Quran with understanding. Also focus your efforts on reflecting, thinking about your temporary life and on constantly trying to improve yourself.
This is the most beautiful time to improve yourself inside and out, a time to cultivate change and grow closer to Allah سبحانه و تعالى in every way.
4. Charity
Try to give some charity every single day, even if it is just a pound or two. Remember every act that we do in this month is rewarded seventy times more than in any other month.
5. Treat this Ramadan as if it is your last
So many of our loved ones have left this world and not been given the chance to live another Ramadan, to gain the immense blessings and reward of this month. Who knows whether we will be here to see the next Ramadan. Thinking in this way will motivate us and really push us to do our very best insha’Allah. Life is very short and we should be putting of our efforts in preparing for our meeting with Allah and the hereafter, our eternal home.
Ramadan is the best time to inculcate new habits, change ourselves and strive to please Allah.
pexels-photo-635076. Make Ramadan special and memorable
Create a beautiful peaceful atmosphere in your house during Ramadan, fill your homes with the melodious soul soothing recitation of the Quran, echoes of adhan, excitement of suhoor, happiness and relief of iftaar and pray together to Allah with peace in your heart. Subhan’Allah only in remembering Allah will our hearts find true solace and contentment.
Show your children how beautiful Ramadan is, decorate your house and don’t forget to decorate yourself with the best of manners and a loving demeanor too. Create positive associations of Ramadan so that your children will continue to live every Ramadan in this way, even long after you have gone.
Every year Ramadan truly presents us with a real opportunity to change ourselves, a chance to please Allah and prepare ourselves for our real life in the hereafter.
May you all have the most blessed Ramadan and may it be a time of peace, blessing and solace for you. May Allah shower his blessings upon you and your families and show us the way, for truly without Allahs guidance we are lost. Ameen.