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Providing pupils with quality education in a loving and secure environment.

We aim for excellence in spiritual, moral and Quranic teaching.


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A place of love and faith: Olive Tree Study Support

Children are true blessings of Allah. We celebrate this at Olive Tree Study Support by providing all children who enter our doors a place to enhance spiritual growth, establish strong moral frameworks, and build upon foundations in Quranic teaching.


Enrol your child

At Olive Tree, we invest in the highest quality resources and teachers to guarantee a small student-to-teacher ratio. Our fees are competitive and reflect the high-quality education your child will receive while in our school.



The Building blocks of faith for your child


When your child enters our school he/she will begin the critical stages of building a profound foundation in the Islamic faith through exposure to Quranic, Islamic & Arabic Studies.


Children primarily learning through constructive play. Singing nasheed, storytelling, role-play, hands on activities and so on.


Our aim is for children to speak and understand Arabic language fluently in order for them to access the Quran and sacred knowledge to a much deeper level.

Citizenship Curriculum

Olive Tree Study places strong importance on the need to provide positive role models who are not only devout in their Islamic faith, but also are positive community members as citizens of the United KingdomWe believe that being a good citizen and being a good Muslim are broadly compatible. To be a good Muslim is to be a good citizen.    

Our story through pictures


Using creative practical activities to aid teaching and learning, students thrive in a fun learning environment.

Classroom size

Our small classroom size of ten students to one teacher ensures that your child’s education comes first with our highly qualified teachers.

Educational standards

Raised in Britain and trained to the ijaza level standard, our all female educational staff is committed to providing your child with the kind, caring system of education that promotes creativity and respect.

Educational methods

Our teachers are eager to discuss your child’s progress any time you have concerns or would like updates.

We currently operate in three convenient located venues


Thames View Infants School


George Carey School 

Bethnal Green

Oaklands School