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Olive Tree Study is a pioneering weekend Islamic supplementary school in the heart of London. Our vision is to create a fun, safe and professional environment that engages every child and supports them to thrive as young and vibrant British Muslims. Our weekend school is for pupils from the age of 3 to 16 years with a comprehensive curriculum tailored to their needs. We operate from 10 am – 2 pm during the weekend. Through our popular social media platform, we regularly share the learning that happens in our classrooms so that parents can see how their children are learning and having fun. Trial one of our four schools for absolutely for free.

Our Team

All our branches have a designated Teaching and Learning Manager, Branch manager and teaching staff members. Our professional administration team are always available to listen to your feedback and respond to your queries relating to the enrolments, finance or and other concerns.


Tahera Akther

Founder/ Headteacher and Executive Director

Tahera is a mother of four children and is the founder and Headteacher of Olive Tree Study. She attained her Ijazah in tajweed from Syria in the year 2008. She has over a decade worth of experience in teaching Quran to children and adults. Tahera is also the song writer and the producer of ‘The Quran Songs’ album which has been sold over 20 countries. She is amongst the very few Muslim women entrepreneurs who has managed to grow rapidly both personally and in business in a very short amount of time.


Abdul Alim

Director/Head of T&L/Child Safeguarding officercer

Abdul Alim is a director at Olive Tree Study. Overall he is in charge of the teaching and learning, as well as child safeguarding. He has more than two decade worth of experience in the education sector. He has been in the teaching profession for over 20 years. Currently, he is the Head of Science at Sir John Cass Secondary school. Over the years he has been successfully leading and managing people of different calibre. He is one of the few managers that are actually loved by the teams he leads and manages.


Harun Rashid

Director of Business and Marketing

Harun Rashid is the finance and marketing director at Olive Tree Study. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has over a decade worth of experience in Business. He has directly helped and supported many businesses to launch and grow their companies.

Engage. Learn. Achieve.

Our goal is to create a learning environment that engages each child and nurtures them to strive and achieve their best.
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Fifteen years of experience

We have been educating and interacting with children and parents for over 15 years. We know how to help children achieve their best and thrive as young Muslims living in this ever-changing world. Navigate through our website and start benefiting from our expertise.

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Bethnal Green

Oaklands Secondary School
Old Bethnal
Green Road
E2 6PR

Tel: 07368227484

(Lines are open only during school opening hours)


Goresbrook School
Cook Road

Tel: 07375223182
Tel: 07943157197

(Lines are open only during school opening hours)

Brick Lane

St Matthias Primary School
Bacon Street
Bethnal Green
E2 6DY

Tel: 07507696288

(Lines are open only during school opening hours)

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Pupils will be assessed throughout the year. Monitoring and assessment will involve:


Continual teacher assessment (formative and summative);


Record kept centrally as well as in pupils’ home work dairy;


End of Term Tests;




Parents are informed with reports twice a year on progress, targets, effort, homework and behavior. There will be parents meeting held throughout the year to give parents the opportunity to come in and have a one-to-one meeting with the child’s teacher. This will give parents an opportunity to receive feedback regarding the pupils’ progress. We will also send progress reports during the year.
Homework diaries are an integral part of our teaching and learning strategy. As usual it is used to set and record weekly homework. Most importantly it is a means of regular communication between teachers and parents in regards to the pupils’ learning and progress.

Arabic Language


In the last hour of the day, children will be studying Arabic Language. Our aim is for children to speak and understand Arabic language fluently in order for them to access the Quran and sacred knowledge to a much deeper level. The Arabic lesson will mainly comprised of speaking & listening, writing and comprehension. Older children will be studying from the Madinah Arabic Reader book & Gateway to Arabic. The books are well structured and are designed to teach Arabic in a non Arabic speaking environment to learners from a broad age range.
Subjects covered
Reading, writing, speaking and listening
The course is designed to build a sound foundation for children to progress onto intermediate level in Arabic language. Basic level includes alphabets vocabulary bank, grouping words and common phrases Intermediate level also includes constructing sentences, basic grammar, practicing conversations and comprehension exercises.
Islamic Studies

In this part of the lesson we are dedicated to exclusively teaching Islamic studies. Pupil from the age of five and above will be studying from Islamic educational books which cover a wide range of subjects including Aqidah, Fiqh and Akhlaaq. Books have been carefully selected by OLIVE TREE management as they come in different grades and they are colorful, high quality and packed full of creative activities to make learning fun and enjoyable.
Children who are in the ‘early learning foundation’ (under 5’s) will be primarily learning through constructive play. It will also involve singing nasheed, storytelling, role play, hands on activities and so on.
Subjects covered
Shahada, Salah, Sawm, Zakat,
Hajj and Seerah
This area will cover the details relating to the matter of jurisprudence (fiqh) and also details of the life stories of all the Prophets (PBUT).
Tawheed, Angels. Holy books,
Messengers, Hereafter, Qadar
and Day of Judgement
This section will cover the fundementals of Aqeeda, it will encourage the pupil to continuously ponder, reflect and reason.
Akhlaaq, Aadaab, Tarbeeya,
Sincerity and Self-discipline
This area aims to develop an Islamic character that will strive for beauty and perfection in ones prayer, daily actions, interaction with humanity and the environment.
Part 1 – Levels
Foundation – Level 1
Qidah, Makhraj, alphabet, vowels, connecting letters and words and short sentences.
Intermediate – Level 2
Juzz Amma, reading long sentences, picking up an average speed, ettiquete of recitation of the Quran and Tajweed rules.
Higher – Level 3
Fluent Quran reading, madd far’ee part 1, nun saki and tanween rules, meem sakin rules, basic characterises of letters, rules of starting and stopping recitation.
Advance – Level 4
Quran, speed reading, advanced Tajweed rules, completion of madd far’ee part 2, rules of the letter Ra, rules of the letter Laam and detailed characteristics of letters.
Part 1 – Levels
Foundation – Level 1
Surah Al-Fathia to Surah Al-Feel.
Intermediate – Level 2
Surah Al-Humazaa to Al-Gashiyah.
Higher – Level 3
Surah Al-A’la to Surah Amma.
Advance – Level 4
Surah Mulk, Surah Ya-Seen, Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah Waqiah.

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